Request for a phone number /change requests /entry to theworldwide web directory

To apply for a phone number, use this web form. Please use this form also for the following changes: department, official authorization, room number, telephone number, fax number, cost allocation.

For the worldwide visibility on the web directory you have to fill in this consent form (PDF), otherwise your phone data are not visible from outside the GSI.

Manuals and handbooks

  • Manualsforthe variousphone models (German only)
  • Quick guide: Table with themost important functions (PDF)
  • Speed dial numbers: Tablewithspeed dial numbers topre-programmeddestinations
  • Pagingsystem (PSA): enter12, then the PSA-No. andthen your ownphone number
  • VPN Speed dialing: Accessibility of GSI mobile phones and GSI landline extensions (German only)

Conference calls

On this page you will find detailed instructions for conducting  Conference calls (German only).

Theofficial GSI phone book

Here you will find the interactive  GSI phone book.

For problems with the telephone system or the operation of the phones or if you have any further questions or remarks, please contact phone-service.