SSH tunnel for remote access to GSI Windows devices

How to log in to GSI from outside (e.g. in home office) on a Windows computer without a Terminal Server?


  1. the user must be a member of the local group of remote users
  2. the user must have a valid Linux account for the central Linux environment ("")

Make sure that you minimize the printing of sensitive or business-relevant data on a non-GSI device and in any case protect it from foreign eyes (do not dispose it in household waste)!


SSH connection via Putty (PuTTY is available in the Software Center, on private devices you install PuTTY from the web)

After installation, start PuTTY and configure it as follows:
(for your information:
 Port 3000 is enabled for the connection on the machine outside GSI
 port 3389 is the port for remote access to the machine within the GSI network)


From the 2nd call, the saved configuration (here GSI) can be loaded and opened (OPEN) via LOAD.

Login on a Linux machine with your Linux account and the corresponding password:


Build a remote connection to the above mentioned computer via



Additional resources can also be used for the connection, e.g. several screens, locale printers or drives


Please accept the following security warning about a certificate as an exception.

Then log on to the device with your Windows access campus\your Windows_account  and the the corresponding password.


and there you are on the machine!

When you have finished your work, close the entire session:

  1. Disconnect the session to the GSI device as shown in the screenshot
  2. Terminate the connection to the Linux machine with the command exit

If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact windows-service.