Forms and web applications

On this website we have compiled all forms and the links to the web applications of the Base IT. Web applications must be submitted online. The forms in PDF format have to be printed, filled out, signed and handed out except for the exception "Firewall rules".


Web forms

Web forms must be submitted online. Please proceed as indicated.

  • Extended user privileges (localadmin): After approval according to the guide, which may last few days, Transfer the printed form to User Help Desk, please. 
  • GSIWeb Login 
  • Hardware request: ordering PCs, monitors, notebooks, printers, etc.
  • Phone: Phone Number (request, change, entry to the worldwide web directory)
    In case of extended visibility first read, fill out and sign the 'Einverständniserklärung'. 
  • PostgreSQL database account request
  • Software request: Since there is no special order form, please communicate the details in the field 'Kommentar' in the order form for hardware. Details are name and version of the desired software, name of your PC and the number of your cost center.
  • Twisted Pair (Ethernet outlet)
  • User account: e-mail, Linux, Windows
  • User Account: SAP


If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact it-service.