Backup Policy

The central user filesystems on Linux and Windows are regularly backed up by TSM each night. On request also desktops running on Linux or Windows are registered on the TSM server and also regularly backed up. The user can decide for which filesystems or partitions this applies.Requests can be sent via e-mail to storage-service.

Up to four backup versions of a file are stored. The most recent backup copy remains available without limits, whereas older versions are removed automatically after 122 days. If files are removed by the user, also the most recent backup copies are removed automatically after 122 days.

Additionally TSM provides archive functions to be started by the user. All archive copies are kept forever. Therefore they should be removed by the owner if no longer needed.

On Unix (especially LINUX) und Windows command line and graphical user interfaces are available. The help option of the command line interface provides the various command descriptions, and similar help support is also available with the graphical user interfaces.

On Linux, the command line interface is started with the command dsmc, the graphical user interface with the command dsmj. Further information can be found in the Linux wiki: Backup and restore with TSM.

On Windows both interfaces are available with
StartProgramsTivoli Storage Manager, only when the TSM-client was installed on your request (see above).

If you have any further questions or remarks, please contact storage-service.