The department is responsible for

  1. the operation, maintenance and development of the 4 existing cooling systems in close contact with experiments and technical departments. This task is strongly connected to the operation of the circular accelerators and the responsibility for safety-related aspects of the systems. The beam cooling experts adjust the devices with beam and optimize the settings according to the users’ needs.
  2.  the realization of the stochastic cooling system in the future Collector Ring (CR) of the FAIR facility (GSI in-kind work package – PSP 2.5.10, Council Decision 2012): design, development, procurement, test, integration, commissioning. The main tasks are long-lasting (more than 10 years), people-intensive developments in house. Many necessary components are not available commercially. Next to specifications and procurements the department runs production laboratories and testing sites and tests components in the existing accelerator facility.
  3. the operation and maintenance of all future FAIR beam cooling systems.
  4. gaining and preserving the highly specialized know-how of these systems.

Department Head

Dr. Christina Dimopoulou

Tel: +49-6159-71-1521

PSA: 1521

Ort: BR1 3.015



Jon Roßbach

Tel: +49-6159-71-3102

PSA: 1021

Ort: BR1 3.002