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HEST (High-Energy Beam Lines)

HEST stands for High-Energy Beam Lines (German: Hochenergie Strahlfuhrung) and is a complex set of beam lines between SIS-18 synchrotron, ESR, Cryring storage rings and experiments s. The total length of beam lines is about 600 meters. They incorporate about 150 main magnets – quadrupoles and dipoles, several targets, strippers and other equipment. HEST is used to transfer all types of ions, from protons to Uranium, with energies up to 2 GeV/u and intensities from very low up to 1011  ions per spill. The beams are extracted from SIS-18 in both: slow and fast extraction modes. The beamlines transfer not only primary beams from synchrotron but also pion beams from pion target, secondary beams from Fragment Separator or beams cooled down and decelerated in ESR. The operation is parallel, what means that every beam shot can be directed to a different experiment and several experiments can be conducted at the same time.