Finite Elements Calculation with ANSYS

At the GSI the Finite-Elements-Calculations are made with ANSYS.

ANSYS is a Finite-Elements-Structure analysis program. It serves for the solution of static and dynamic, linear and non-linear problems in the fields of strength-analysis, 2D-flow problems and other field problems (heat conduction, electro magnetism, coupled fields, acoustics and fluid mechanics).

ANSYS has an own CAE user’s environment “Workbench”, integrated pre- and post processors.

At GSI the following licences are available:

1 Mechanical
1 Mechanical CFD
1 Mechanical Emag with Maxwell 3D

The usage by the ANSYS-users in-house is done by arrangement.

  1. ANSYS 18.0 is available. For Installation please contact Martin Stein (-2496).
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