Technology Laboratory - Facilities

Vacuum heat treatment furnace MOV 652 T of the company PVA

Maximum operating temperature at vacuum:  1700 ° C

Maximum operating temperature at working with shielding gas:  1200 ° C

Diameter of useable space:  500 mm

Height of useable space:  1000 mm

Final vacuum in the empty, clean and cold furnace: 1x10-6 mbar

Vacuum heat treatment furnace

Helium leak detector: Leybold 500 dry. Leybold 400 L

Precision balance: Mettler PR-1200

Hardness tester (micro hardness): Frank-Durotest 38541, max. Vergrößerung von 500x

Light microscope, stereo microscope: Magnification: 100x. 50x, 20x, 10x, 4x, 2x

Ultrasonic cleaning system: Elma T 1040 H, Wanneninnenmaße (LxBxH) 500x300x300 [mm]

Measuring arm: ZETT MESS AMPG-P 24