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Accelerator Operations

The GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung  operates on its campus in Darmstadt a large, world-wide unique heavy-ion accelerator complex consisting of the UNILAC linear accelerator that accelerates particles from H to U up to 11 MeV/u, the SIS18 synchrotron for further acceleration up to energies of 2 GeV/u, and the experimental storage cooler ring ESR capable of storing and cooling exotic and highly-charged ions at energies from 4 MeV/u to 0.5 GeV/u . In the last two years, a further storage cooler ring – CRYRING, the Swedish in-kind contribution to FAIR from Stockholm University – has been installed behind the ESR, for atomic and nuclear physics experiments at lower energies of about 15 MeV/u down to a few 100 keV/u. In addition to proton and ion beams, pion beams can be provided at GSI in a momentum range from 0.5 to 2.5 GeV/c.

Division Head
Name Phone Office
Prof. Dr. Mei Bai +49-6159-71-1751 BR3 2.166
Staff of the division head - scientific
Name Phone Office Function in the division
Ludwig Dahl +49-6159-71-2343 BR3 2.165 User coordination for the electroplatin facility and
support of the project "retrofitting" of the eletroplating facility
Dr. Gertrud Walter +49-6159-71-2061 BR3 2.165 Project lead "Retrofitting" of the electroplating facility;
Contact person for safety aspects, operation regulations;
Risk representative; Strategic personnel aspects
Dr. Udo Weinrich +49-6159-71-3858 BR3 2.165 Deputy of the division head;
Planning and controlling of the division budget
Staff of the division head - administrative
Group contact: sekr-acc@gsi.de
Name Phone Office Function in the division
Nuray Azevedo Simoes +49-6159-71-1977 SE2 2.170 Contact person for human resources;
Web pages/external presentation
Larissa Birli +49-6159-71-2394 C26 1.010 Secretary of the departments
Paola Lindenberg +49-6159-71-1550

Fax: -2987
BR3 2.167c Assistant of the division head;
Coordination of appointments;
Support and controlling of the division budget;
Organization of the department heads meeting,
workshops and conferences;
General administrative support
Heidi Martinez +49-6159-71-2393

Fax: -2987
BR3 2.167c Secretary of the division head;
Support of personnel requests
Annette Mattil +49-6159-71-2384 SE2 2.170 Secretary of the departments
Josefine Stein +49-6159-71-3210 C26 1.010 Secretary of the departments;
Contact person for one-call-services;
Contact person for the office space requests