Artistic impressions, drone flights over the construction site: GSI and FAIR invite to a virtual visit


One of our priorities at GSI and FAIR has always been to provide the public with exciting insights into our research facilities, programs and results, and demonstrating the progress made on the construction of FAIR. However, the new situation created by the spread of the corona virus requires new approaches also here. Public guided tours on the campus and to the visitor platform at the construction site cannot be offered at present. Therefore, GSI and FAIR have arranged a digital offer, which gives all interested people the opportunity to continue visiting us virtually and interactively.

For example, one can click through a selection of very special artistic impressions that were created during a visit of the group "Urban Sketchers Rhein-Main" at GSI and FAIR. More than 30 members of the group, which is part of an international network of artists, spent a day sketching and painting on campus in January. The result are numerous extraordinary views of our particle accelerators and experimental stations.

The mega construction project FAIR, one of the largest construction projects for research worldwide, can also be visited virtually. Visitors can fly over the FAIR construction site by drone flight, get to know its extraordinary dimensions and, for the first time, even dive into the large ring tunnel that will form the heart of the future accelerator center. In addition, a long-term drone lapse video was created using a new filming technique that shows the development of an entire year: With the help of GPS, several videos were superimposed, so that one can see the construction grow as if from one piece right before the eyes of the viewer, making the progress particularly tangible.

Furthermore, there is the opportunity delve into our history, for example to travel back in time by photo slider on the GSI and FAIR homepage: an interactive past-today-show in which the images virtually overlap and thereby illustrate how things used to look like on campus in the past and how they look like today. The results provide interesting insights, for example into the linear accelerator, the control room or the experimental halls.

An even more detailed tour through half a century is offered by the digital GSI timeline where highlights of the GSI history are presented. Users can click their way through 50 years of GSI, and take a look into the future of FAIR. Also the great scientific achievements such as the discovery of six new chemical elements or the development of a new type of tumor therapy using ion beams can be found there.

The main task of GSI and FAIR is to carry out cutting-edge research and to use the accelerator facilities to gain new insights into the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe. A science film shows how scientists from all over the world can explore the universe in our laboratory.

If you want to take a virtual walk through the research facilities of GSI and FAIR and to stand directly next to the particle accelerators and detectors, it is best to get out your mobile phone to watch our 360° video in an optimized way. The exciting video was produced for the planetarium show "Dimensions - Once upon reality" at the Bochum Planetarium.

On all these digital and virtual routes, our guests are therefore still welcome to visit our research facilities and take a look at the FAIR construction site. Furthermore, GSI and FAIR of course offer the possibility to keep up to date and to stay in contact with us online on our homepage and on our social media channels. (BP)