Important milestone: Shell construction of the first tunnel segment of the FAIR ring accelerator completed


A next milestone has been achieved for the FAIR accelerator center, currently one of the largest construction projects for research. The first tunnel segment of the central ring accelerator SIS100 is completed in its shell construction. On this occasion, the management board of GSI and FAIR together with a team of responsible employees took a joint on-site inspection of the SIS100 construction site area.

The group which consisted of representatives of the project management team, the scientific and technical council and the works council could descend to the base in 18 meter depth. There they had a close look at the completed, about 25 meter long segment of shell construction for the accelerator and the supply tunnel which run next to each other. With the finalization of the load-bearing parts, the walls and the ceiling structure, the shell construction completion of the first tunnel segment marks an important milestone within the timeline of the entire FAIR project.

At the on-site inspection, the management board with the Scientific Managing Director Professor Paolo Giubellino, the Administrative Managing Director Ursula Weyrich and the Technical Managing Director Jörg Blaurock emphasized the significance of the constructive interaction of all participants. “Today, thanks to the commitment and the effort of our employees we stand here in the first tunnel segment of the FAIR accelerator SIS100”, says Jörg Blaurock. “Our major common goal is the realization of FAIR. Without the everyday dedication as a team it would not be possible to organize and implement such a mega project.”

At numerous locations at the large construction site the continuous progress in realizing the FAIR project is visible: The advancements are for example continuing in the next tunnel segments of the 1100 meter accelerator ring. The concrete pouring work for ground slabs, the walls and the ceiling structure are under way, while in further sections the casings and reinforcements are installed. Also, the construction works for the transfer building are significantly advanced. The transfer building is another crucial building for FAIR that will house the central hub for guiding the facility’s beam. For the experiment sites of FAIR the structural course is set, too, for example the excavation pit of the CBM experiment takes distinct shape. (LW / BP)