Members of the European Parliament visiting GSI and FAIR


Members of the "Renew Europe" parliamentary group, the third largest political group within the European Parliament, as well as their staff and consultants were guests at GSI and FAIR. They were informed about current research, infrastructures and the future accelerator center FAIR, which is currently under construction at GSI. The international guests were welcomed by Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, and Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR.

The visit was part of a closed meeting of "Renew Europe" in Frankfurt, during which information tours to international top locations were also undertaken. On the GSI and FAIR campus, the more than 100 European political visitors gained insights into the scientific successes and current status of the FAIR project, one of the largest construction projects for cutting-edge research worldwide and at the same time a strong pillar of the German and European research landscape in global competition. The FAIR and GSI management provided background information and offered a compact overview of science, structural and technical progress, and the development at the site in the heart of the Rhine-Main region.

The FAIR project is rated by experts as a top international science project for decades, offering world class opportunities and outstanding potential for groundbreaking discoveries. The social contribution of the megaproject FAIR is also significant. FAIR makes value contributions to society on many levels, whether as a driver of innovation, provider of highly qualified jobs and in education of young scientists and engineers or in the development of new medical applications.

The program for the guests also included a visit to the GSI campus and the FAIR construction site. They visited the test facility for superconducting accelerator magnets (Series Test Facility, STF), where high-tech components for FAIR are examined. During a tour of the FAIR site, they were also able to take a close view on the ongoing work on the 20-hectare site, from the completed shell construction of the tunnel segments for the large ring accelerator SIS100 up to the excavation pit for the first of the future large-scale experiments.

The “Renew Europe” group is one of the political groups of the European Parliament. It unites several liberal and centrist parties, including from the German-speaking countries amongst others the FDP with five deputies and the Freie Wähler with two deputies. (BP)