GSI and FAIR inform at the Darmstadtium Congress Center


Many interesting facts about the discovery of chemical elements and the physics at particle accelerators were presented by GSI and FAIR during the event “Tag der Vereine” at the Darmstadtium Science and Congress Center. Numerous visitors came to the GSI stand and took the opportunity to gain insights into current research and the outstanding opportunities at the future FAIR accelerator center, which is currently being built at GSI.

In addition to the wide range of information, it was also possible to simulate playfully the production of the element Darmstadtium on an accelerator model. In experiments at the GSI accelerator facility, scientists succeeded in discovering a total of six new elements. One of them is the Darmstadtium. The Science and Congress Center was named after this one.

The commitment during the “Tag der Vereine” is a further component of the good cooperation between GSI and the Darmstadtium Congress Center: With the discovery of the element Darmstadtium, GSI is not only eponymous for the Science and Congress Center, but was also one of the event partners of the “Tag der Vereine”. In addition, both jointly published a new periodic table of the elements as teaching material for schools, an important tool for chemistry lessons. GSI and Darmstadtium are giving out the periodic table to schools free of charge (for as long as stocks last). Teachers can order copies for their school classes. (Shipping within Germany.) (BP)

Ordering the periodic table for school classes