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Industrial culture: Insights into research and construction project at GSI and FAIR

Photo: G. Otto/GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung

Visitors at GSI and FAIR



Where do the chemical elements come from? What does it look like in the interior of a neutron star? Is it possible to destroy tumors with ion beams? Answers to many exciting questions about particle accelerators and ongoing experiments were given to the visitors who were guests on the GSI and FAIR campus during the campaign days of industrial culture.

The GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the future FAIR accelerator center once again took part in the cooperation “Tage der Industriekultur Rhein-Main” and opened their campus and research facilities to the public by appointment. Under the theme “The Universe in the Lab”, guests were able to explore the campus, get information on current research, and find out more about the mega construction project FAIR. The observation platform provided them with a comprehensive overview of the development of one of the largest construction sites for cutting-edge research worldwide. On the 20-hectare building site north-east of the GSI campus is currently being built a fascinating scientific project with accelerator and storage rings, high-tech infrastructure and outstanding experimental opportunities.

At FAIR, matter that usually only exists in the depth of space will be produced in a lab for research. Scientists from all over the world will be able to gain new insights into the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to the present. (BP)

Visitors at GSI and FAIR
Numerous visitors took the opportunity to gain insights into research and construction project at GSI and FAIR during the "Tage der Industriekultur".
Photo: G. Otto/GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung