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Marco Durante is member of the ICRP

Photo: G. Otto, GSI

Prof. Dr. Marco Durante



Professor Marco Durante, the head of the GSI Biophysics Department, has been appointed member of the International Commission of Radiological Protection (ICRP), the International organisation providing recommendations and guidance on radiological protection from ionising radiation. The appointment follows a long-standing commitment of Durante and the GSI Biophysics to the investigation of and protection from ionizing radiation in space, in particular in cooperation with the European Space Agency ESA. With the GSI accelerator facilites, particle radiation as it is prevalent in outer space can be generated and used for experiments.

Durante will join the Task Group 115 on Risk and Dose Assessment for Radiological Protection of Astronauts. The goal is to provide recommendations for the space agencies (including NASA, ESA, JAXA, Canadian, Russian and Chinese space agencies) on dose limits for astronauts in exploratory-class missions. At the moment different space agencies apply different career or mission-specifc limits, making an international mission to moon and Mars almost impossible. (cp)

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Prof. Dr. Marco Durante
Photo: G. Otto, GSI