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FAIR delegation visits Indian partner institutions

Photo: R. Gollapudi, ECIL

Visit to ECIL



A delegation from FAIR, led by Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Director of FAIR and GSI, visited the Republic of India in May. In addition to talks with representatives of FAIR partner institutions, Giubellino took part in the inauguration ceremony of the mega-science exhibition in Mumbai named "Vigyan Samagam" and visited the FAIR pavilion consisting of posters, videos, multimedia kiosks and exhibits on FAIR. India is one of the shareholders of the FAIR GmbH and participates in the FAIR project through numerous in-kind contributions for the accelerators and several experiments. It is one of the founding members of FAIR and carries a fundamental role in the project.

The Bose Institute in Kolkata, acting as the Indian shareholder of the FAIR GmbH, was an important part of the visit. Giubellino met the new Director of Bose Institute Professor Uday Bandyopadhyay, who took over from Professor Sibaji Raha (chair of the FAIR Joint Scientific Council and representative of the Indian Council delegation), discussing the current status of the FAIR project and informing him about the steady progress in the four experimental pillars of FAIR. The meeting in Kolkata continued in a conversation with Subhasis Chattopadhyay, the program director of the Bose Institute’s Indo-FAIR Coordination Centre, and Professor Sanjay Ghosh of Bose Institute about in-kind contracting issues. Subsequently, Giubellino held a talk about FAIR at the University of Kolkata.

The delegation also visited the Electronics Corporation of India Ltd. (ECIL) located in Secunderabad (near Hyderabad). The company, as one of India’s providers for FAIR, produces around 750 power converters for magnets of the High-Energy Beam Transport (HEBT), the SIS100 ring accelerator and the Superconducting Fragment Separator (Super-FRS). The delegation inspected the testing laboratory for the power converters and a large number of finalized components on site ready for delivery to FAIR, and discussed the continuation of the successful cooperation.

In addition to the exchange with the FAIR partners, the opening ceremony of the scientific exhibition "Vigyan Samagam" (engl. congression of science) was part of the program. In the framework of the exhibition, Giubellino also met with Indian authorities, including a discussion with Professor Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology (DST), and Dr. Kamlesh Nilkanth Vyas, Secretary of the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). Another highlight of Giubellino's foray in Mumbai was a meeting with Professor Krishnaswamy VijayRaghavan, the Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India. He was very supportive of India's involvement in FAIR and readily accepted to visit FAIR at an early convenient date.

The touring exhibition will be shown in several major Indian cities, providing information about large international science projects in which India is involved. It contains a section about FAIR and the Indian contribution to the project featuring also components of detectors and accelerators. In total, more than 25 Indian science organizations and seven Indian industrial partners are collaborating with FAIR. Vigyan Samagam is planned to continue at Mumbai until 7 July 2019 and then moves through India to several other locations: Bengaluru from 29 July to 28 September 2019, Kolkata from 4 November to 31 December 2019 and finally to Delhi from 21 January 2020 to 20 March 2020. Each location will see a speech at the opening ceremony by one of the FAIR directors. (cp)

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Visit to ECIL
At the visit of ECIL the delegation met with the company representatives and inspected the completed power converters.
Photo: R. Gollapudi, ECIL