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BVMW-Wirtschaftssenat visits GSI and FAIR

Photo: G. Otto, GSI

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In May, the Wirtschaftssenat of the Bundesverband mittelständische Wirtschaft, Unternehmerverband Deutschlands e.V. (BVMW) visited the FAIR/GSI campus to learn about research, the FAIR project and, in particular, the technologies and innovations available at the location. The group was accompanied by former ESA astronaut Dr. h.c. Thomas Reiter, ESA Interagency Coordinator and also a member of the Wirtschaftssenat, and Eric Morel de Westgaver, ESA Director for Industry, Procurement and Legal Services.

After a welcoming address by the Scientific Managing Director of FAIR and GSI Professor Paolo Giubellino, the Technical Director of FAIR and GSI Jörg Blaurock and Dr. Ingo Peter, Head of Press and Public Relations, gave an overview of the research highlights to date and the plans for the future at the international FAIR accelerator facility as well as the fields of technology in which work is being carried out both in research and in infrastructure.

During the subsequent tour, the guests visited the FAIR viewing platform to gain an overview of the progress on the construction site. In cryotechnology, they learned more about the superconducting magnets, which must be cooled to minus 269°C for operation at FAIR. They also had the opportunity to inspect the main control room of the facility, the linear accelerator UNILAC and the experimental storage ring ESR. At the medical irradiation facility of the biophysics research department, the participants were informed about tumor therapy with carbon ions. A visit to the large detector HADES and the particularly energy-efficient high-performance computing center Green IT Cube rounded off the tour.

During the following lunch, the guests were able to connect with the technology experts of FAIR and GSI via an in-house exhibition. Representatives from technology transfer, biophysics, materials research, cryotechnology, electronics, IT and laser technology were available for discussions, could establish contacts and sound out cooperation possibilities. During the afternoon, the group also visited ESA's mission control, ESOC in Darmstadt. The day ended with a joint dinner where Professor Marco Durante, Head of GSI Biophysics, informed the participants about the effects of cosmic radiation on the human body and tumor therapy with ion beams in an accompanying lecture.

The event is part of the long-standing and very successful cooperation between GSI/FAIR and ESA. GSI/FAIR support ESA in the investigation of cosmic rays. To learn more about the effects of cosmic rays on humans, electronics and materials is one of the crucial questions of the future in astronautical and robotic spaceflight.

The BVMW represents the interests of medium-sized German industry. Its aim is to strengthen the competitiveness of companies and thus to secure the future viability of German SMEs. The Wirtschaftssenat, to which the BVMW appoints the members, is made up of around 230 business personalities who represent the services provided by small and medium-sized enterprises for our country. (cp)

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Group pictures
Members of the Wirtschaftssenat of BVMW.
Photo: G. Otto, GSI