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Members of the Bundestag get informed about GSI and FAIR

Photo: G. Otto/ GSI

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Photo: I. Peter / GSI

At the construction site



The visit of René Röspel and Dr. Jens Zimmermann, both SPD Members of the Bundestag, to GSI and FAIR focused on the progress of the FAIR project and the current scientific activities on campus. The politicians were received by Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Professor Thomas Stöhlker, Deputy Research Director of GSI and FAIR, and Dr. Ingo Peter, Head of Press and Public Relations.

René Röspel is delegate from the Hagen - Ennepe-Ruhrkreis I district and member of the parliamentary Committee on Education, Research and Technology Assessment. He is also member of the Senate of the Helmholtz Association. Dr. Jens Zimmermann comes from the election district of Odenwald and is member of the Finance Committee and the Digital Agenda Committee of the Bundestag. The two politicians were accompanied by Anne Marquardt, SPD Member of the town council of Darmstadt and office manager of Jens Zimmermann.

After an introductory presentation and opportunity for discussion, the visitors were able to take a close view on the great progress on the mega construction site FAIR during a tour of the construction site, from the completed shell construction of the first tunnel segment for the large ring accelerator SIS100 to the excavation pit for the central transfer building. Information was also provided on the FAIR project organization and construction site logistics.

The visit concluded with a guided tour, which provided the politicians with insights into the existing research facilities on the GSI and FAIR campus. The also significant progress made with the components of the FAIR accelerator machine and the experiments was presented here. Among others, the guests visited the test facility for superconducting accelerator magnets, where high-tech components for FAIR are tested and the experimental storage ring ESR. The treatment unit for tumor therapy with heavy ions and the Hades experimental setup were also part of the visit. (BP)

Group picture
At the construction site
From left: Professor Thomas Stöhlker, Deputy Research Director of FAIR and GSI; Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI; Dr. Jens Zimmermann, Member of the Bundestag; René Röspel, Member of the Bundestag; Dr. Ingo Peter, Head of Public Relations FAIR and GSI.
On the construction site, Jörg Blaurock (l.), Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, informed the two SPD members of the Bundestag, René Röspel (m.) and Dr. Jens Zimmermann, about the progress of the construction work for FAIR.
Photo: G. Otto/ GSI
Photo: I. Peter / GSI