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The FAIR construction site in time lapse

Image: GSI/FAIR/L. Möller

Longterm Dronelapse



Since the groundbreaking in July 2017 a lot has been going on at the FAIR construction site. With a new filming technique a drone time lapse video has been produced that shows the progress.

With a new technique an aerial time-lapse video was shot which shows the development of a complete year: For this so-called Longterm Dronelapse the same routes across the construction site were flown with a drone in regular intervals. The recorded motion time lapse videos have now been combined to one single video.

Several videos that were taken within one year could be super-imposed thanks to GPS support so that the progress of the construction activities is clearly visible. (LW)

Video auf YouTube

FAIR Construction Site Time Lapse - Lonterm Dronelapse

Longterm Dronelapse
Image: GSI/FAIR/L. Möller