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Chemistry Olympians visit FAIR and GSI


In the International Year of the Periodic System, 20 school students who are enthusiastic about the exciting world of chemistry visited the FAIR and GSI facilities. These are the participants of the Chemistry Olympiad from Hesse and Thuringia with their tutors. After an introductory talk, the group gained insight into the existing accelerators and experiments and the current GSI scientific research projects in a guided tour, as well as an overview of the construction of the future international accelerator center FAIR. Thomas Neff from GSI's Theory department accompanied the program for in-depth scientific discussions on current research. About 25 years ago he was also a member of the German team at the Chemistry Olympiad.

The visit took place within the scope of a regional seminar in Darmstadt lasting several days, for which the participants qualified by reaching the second stage of a four-stage selection process for the International Chemistry Olympiad IChO. GSI has been part of the program since last year, and is embedded in the seminar as a regular component on account of the positive feedback it has received. (JL)

Chemistry Olympians from Hesse and Thuringia
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Picture: J. Leroudier for the IChO