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Frigate „Hessen“ visits FAIR and GSI

Photo: G. Otto, GSI

Group photo



In the framework of a visiting tour through the Federal State of Hesse the crew of the frigate “Hessen” under command of frigate captain Olliver Pfennig visited the campus of FAIR and GSI. The group was welcomed by Jörg Blauroch, Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI. Subsequently, the participants received an overview of the accelerators and experiments, the scientific highlights and the construction of the international FAIR facility in an introductory talk.

On a guided tour of the campus the group visited the control center of the accelerator and the storage ring CRYRING. Also they learned more about the discovery of new elements at the SHIP experiment, the tumor therapy with carbon ions and the large-scale experiment HADES. A view onto the FAIR construction site showed them the progress of the construction works and concluded the tour.

The Hesse frigate belongs to the German Navy and was officially commissioned in Wilhelmshaven in 2006 as the third ship of the Saxony class. She is the godfather ship of the Federal State of Hesse. Many ships and boats of the navy maintain sponsorships to a federal state or to a city. These sponsorships are based on many years of tradition and illustrate the close and friendly relations between communities and politics and the armed forces in Germany. In order to further deepen this friendly connection to the federal state of Hesse, the crew of the frigate is currently travelling through the state to obtain information about culturally, scientifically and industrially outstanding facilities. (cp)

Group photo
The participants of the visit of the frigate "Hessen" at FAIR and GSI.
Photo: G. Otto, GSI