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Young German Physical Society visits FAIR and GSI

Photo: G. Otto, GSI

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In November the regional section Darmstadt of the young German Physical Society (jDPG), which was founded in spring 2018, visited the accelerators and experiments of FAIR and GSI with a group of 23 students of the Technical University of Darmstadt. The guided tour followed the path of the ions starting at the ion sources and moving along the linear accelerator, main control room, experimental storage ring, ion traps and the treatment facility for tumor therapy, ending at the FAIR construction site. The students showed great interest during their stay, and thus the visit contributed to enhance the collaboration with the Technical University of Darmstadt. Thanks to the visit, discussions about possible bachelor, master and PhD theses took place, which could be carried out at FAIR and GSI.

The jDPG is a working group within in the German Physical Society (DPG). It is organized in 33 regional branches throughout Germany and offers physics students and also interested pupils more than 200 regional, nationwide and international events each year. (cp)

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Group picture
Visitors of the young German Physical Society
Photo: G. Otto, GSI