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Alternative concept for particle acceleration

Picture: Hagen Schmidt / Andrew Ceballos

Accelerator chip.



Under the direction of the GSI scientist Professor Dr. Oliver Boine-Frankenheim, the accelerator physics group at the TU Darmstadt aims to use computer-aided models to optimize the operation of accelerators at the highest beam intensities, such as in the FAIR facility. In addition, future concepts for particle accelerators will be developed. The Boine-Frankenheim group has now developed a concept for a laser-driven electron accelerator, which is so small that it could be produced on a silicon chip. It would be inexpensive and with multiple applications.

In the future, such accelerator structures could be used at GSI and FAIR for medical research. "For example, such a micro-accelerator structure for electrons is interesting for cell irradiation in biophysics," explained Professor Dr. Oliver Boine-Frankenheim. (JL)

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Accelerator chip.
Accelerator chip on the tip of a finger, and an electron microscope image of the chip.
Picture: Hagen Schmidt / Andrew Ceballos