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Physics class of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences visits FAIR and GSI


A delegation of 20 high-ranking members of the physics class of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences visited the research facilities of FAIR and GSI last week. Following a welcome by Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, the group gained insight into the existing accelerators and experiments and the scientific highlights of GSI as well as the plans and the project progress of the future international accelerator center FAIR in an introductory talk.

On the subsequent bus tour to the FAIR construction site the Overall Site Manager Harald Hagelskamp, presented the progress of the construction work. Furthermore, the delegation visited the SHIP experiment where the GSI elements 107 to 112 were produced, as well as the treatment facility for tumor therapy with carbon ions. At the storage ring CRYRING, an in-kind contribution of Sweden to FAIR, they were informed in particular about the planned research in atomic physics. Also a visit to to the experiment for exotic nuclei R3B and the GLAD magnet were part of the program. Finally, Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, gave an overview of the details of the FAIR construction in his talk. The day ended with a joint dinner and intense discussions, where the Swedish representatives particularly commended FAIR and GSI for their many young scientists.

The Royal Swedisch Academy of Sciences is the highest scientific institution in Sweden. It aims to further sciences, in particular natural sciences and mathematics. It is located at Swedens capital Stockholm and is world famous for the nomination of the Nobel Prize winners in physics and chemistry, as well as the awarding of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences donated by the Sveriges Riksbank, the central bank of Sweden.  The Academy is divided into ten so-called classes, among them also the physics class, which consists of Swedish as well as external members. (cp)

Group picture
Tumor treatment
The delegation of the Physics Class of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.
Dr. Christian Graeff (2nd from left) of the GSI biophysics department explains the tumor therapy with carbon ions.
Dr. Frank Herfurth und Dr. Michael Lestinsky (facing the viewer) explain research in atomic physics at the CRYRING, a Swedish in-kind contribution to FAIR.
Photo: G. Otto, GSI
Photo: L. Weitz, GSI
Photo: L. Weitz, GSI