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Yuri Litvinov receives chinese expert award


The nuclear physicist Professor Dr. Yuri Litvinov has been awarded the Chinese "Dunhuang Prize". The GSI and FAIR researcher is one of seven laureates to receive the award this year. The awarding ceremony was led by Li Bin, the vice-governor of the Chinese province Gansu.

The Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences nominated Yuri Litvinov for this prize for his outstanding contributions to the development of precision experiments with stored highly-charged ions at the cooler-storage ring (CSRe) in Lanzhou in the province Gansu. The "Dunhuang Prize" is awarded to the foreign experts in areas of science, technology, education, health, economy and management, who have made distinct contributions to the development of Gansu province.

Since its first edition in 1996, 177 foreign experts have received such a prize. Yuri Litvinov is the second GSI scientist receiving this award. In 2004, Otto Klepper was awarded for his contributions in establishing a fruitful collaboration between the GSI and the IMP research divisions.

Yuri Litvinov studied physics in St. Petersburg and is a GSI researcher for nearly 20 years. In 2003 he defended with distinction his PhD thesis at the university of Gießen (doctoral supervisor Professor Hans Geissel). Starting 2009 he spent two years at the Max Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics in Heidelberg for his habilitation. Since then Litvinov is actively involved in the APPA/SPARC research activities led by Professor Thomas Stöhlker. Among other tasks at GSI he is the coordinator of the experiments at the experimental storage ring ESR, and since 2012 he is the head of the SPARC Detectors department. Yuri Litvinov, who is also an adjunct professor at the University of Heidelberg, has already received numerous honours for his scientific work. (BP)

Award ceremony
Li Bin, deputy governor of Gansu province, presents the award to Yuri Litvinov (left).
Professor Dr. Yuri Litvinov has been awarded the Chinese "Dunhuang Prize".
Photo: Xinwen Ma
Photo: G. Otto / GSI Helmholtzzentrum