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Delegation from Thailand obtains information about FAIR and GSI

Photo: P. Ghosh, FAIR

Group pictures

Photo: GSI

Handover of present



A high-ranking delegation from Thailand consisting of 15 participants visited the FAIR and GSI facilities in June. To the group, among others, belonged Professor Soranit Siltharm, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Science and Technology, and Professor Sarawut Sujitjorn, Director of the Synchrotron Light Research Institute (SLRI) in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand.

Professor Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, welcomed the participants and informed them about the research activities. Subsequently, Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, gave an overview about the FAIR project and the advancements of the construction, which was enhanced by a bus tour to the construction site.

Furthermore, Dr. Michael Schulz and Dr. Pradeep Ghosh reported on the biophysics research and the student program GET_involved. In a guided tour lead by Dr. Ingo Peter and Dr. Klaus-Dieter Groß, the guests from Thailand visited the existing research facility: In the Main Control Room they were able to witness the commissioning of the accelerator. Also they visited the experimental storage ring ESR, the therapy facility for the treatment of tumors with carbon ions as well as the large-scale detector HADES. In the energy-efficient high-performance computer center Green IT Cube they got to know more about the data processing of FAIR and GSI.

Group pictures
Handover of present
Group picture of delegation from Thailand.
The representatives of Thailand receive a small present from the management board – from left: Dr. Pisit Leeahtam (SLRI Executive Board Member), Prof. Sarawut Sujitjorn (SLRI Director and Secretary to Executive Board), Prof. Soranit Siltharm (Permanent Secretary General of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Chairperson of SLRI Executive Board), Prof. Paolo Giubellino (Scientific Managing Director FAIR und GSI), Jörg Blaurock (Technical Managing Director Geschäftsführer FAIR und GSI)
Photo: P. Ghosh, FAIR
Photo: GSI