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GSI biophysicist Christian Graeff is honored

Photo: MCI

Award ceremony

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The GSI biophysicist Dr. Christian Graeff has been honored for his scientific achievements with the Günther von Pannewitz Award of the German Society of Radiation Oncology (DEGRO). The award was presented in recognition of his research on the use of ion beams to treat cardiac arrhythmia. Dr. Graeff accepted the award at the DEGRO annual congress in Leipzig.

He is the leader of the Medical Physics group at the Biophysics Department at GSI. His field of research includes innovative applications of ion beams, for example in a process that could be used in the future to treat cardiac arrhythmia. The ion beams used in the process were made up of carbon ions. As in the tumor therapy that has already been developed at GSI, the ions can be directed very precisely, while leaving the surrounding tissue largely unscathed. In the next few years, carbon ions could be successfully used to treat cardiac arrhythmia as a noninvasive alternative to the present treatment with cardiac catheters or drugs.

After studying medical engineering at Hamburg University of Technology, Graeff received his doctorate in engineering with a study of the computer tomography-supported diagnostics of osteoporosis. He did postdoctoral work in the Medical Physics group of the Biophysics Department at GSI. He has been the leader of this group since 2012. His research has focused on innovative applications of ion beams, the development of processes for irradiating moving targets with scanned ion beams, and the development of new therapy monitoring systems for raster scanning.

The Günther von Pannewitz Award, which is endowed with €1,000, is presented in recognition of outstanding research work devoted to radiation therapy for non-malignant diseases, including radiation biology, radiation physics, and clinical research.  The presentation of this award honors the lifetime achievement of the Freiburg-based radiologist Günther von Pannewitz. (BP)

Award ceremony
Dr. Christian Graeff (picture’s center) received the Günther von Panewitz Award at the annual congress of the German Society of Radio Oncology DEGRO in Leipzig. Left in photo Professor Rolf-Dieter Kortmann from Leipzig University Hospital, the conference president of the event, on the right DEGRO President Professor Wilfried Budach.
Dr. Christian Graeff has received the Günther von Panewitz Award.
Photo: MCI
Photo: private