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FDP Secretary General visits GSI and FAIR


The Secretary General of the FDP political party, Nicola Beer, visited the research facilities of FAIR and GSI, where she learned about the research being conducted there as well as about the progress of the FAIR project. She was received by the Scientific Managing Director, Professor Paolo Giubellino, the Administrative Managing Director, Ursula Weyrich, and the Technical Managing Director, Jörg Blaurock.

Ms. Beer and the management first discussed the strategic goals of the activities conducted at FAIR and GSI. Significant steps towards achieving these goals are already visible today. The “FAIR-Phase 0” research program is just beginning, the construction of FAIR is making great progress, the started upgrades of the existing facilities are on the home straight, and the constructional development of the campus is also significantly forging ahead.

In addition to receiving information about the progress that is being made at all strategic levels, Ms. Beer was given a guided tour of the existing accelerator facility, including the UNILAC linear accelerator, the main control room, the therapy center for tumor treatment with carbon ions, the ESR experimental storage ring, the HADES large detector, and the Green IT Cube. During her visit, Nicola Beer, elected representative in the German Bundestag and member of the parliamentary Committee on Education, Research and Technical Assessment, also had the opportunity to take a tour of the construction site to find out about the current status of the unique accelerator center FAIR, which is currently under construction. (BP)

Secretary General to visit
During her visit the Secretary General of the FDP political party, Nicola Beer, learned about the progress of the FAIR projekt. In the photo from left Ursula Weyrich, the Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Secretary General Nicola Beer, the Scientific Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, Professor Paolo Giubellino and Jörg Blaurock, the Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR.
Photo: G. Otto/GSI