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„I couldn’t have wished for a better internship“ – Lilly Schönherr receives award for internship report


For her outstanding internship report Lilly Schönherr received an award by the “Arbeitskreis Schule Wirtschaft Osthessen”. Lilly Schönherr studies in the ninth grade of the Geschwister-Scholl-Schule, a secondary school in Rodgau. She completed her two-weeks of company placement in the research department “Atomic Physics” at GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung. With her award for the second-best internship report in the school level “secondary school” she is also qualified for the next evaluation level (Osthessen). The award was bestowed on June 21, 2018, at the Sparkasse Langen-Seligenstatt. Next to the awardees also the mentoring teachers as well as the internship companies received a certificate of appreciation.

The internship of Lilly Schönherr was supervised by Dr. Wolfgang Quint and his colleagues from GSI’s atomic physics department, especially Nils Stallkamp und Davide Racano. Mainly she worked at the experiments ARTEMIS and HILITE of the ion trap HITRAP, which is connected to the experimental storage ring ESR. Among other things, she built in detectors, tested vacuum components for her leak tightness and equipped a thermic shield with a multi-layered foil during her internship. Also milling in the workshop, the work with electronics and the design of mechanical components with a CAD system was part of her work. Lilly wants to become a physicist, and her conclusion in the internship report is: “I couldn’t have wished for a better internship.”

The “Arbeitskreis Schule Wirtschaft Osthessen”, a task force to bring together schools and industry in the eastern part of the State of Hesse, consists of the six sub-divisions in Schlüchtern, Gelnhausen, Hanau, the city of Offenbach, and the districts of Offenbach East and West. The competition is held in six school types. A jury of regional representatives of schools and companies evaluates the reports taking into account their formal structure, their content, their layout and originality and the overall impression. The winners of all school types receive sponsored prizes and an award certificate.


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Milling in the workshop
Award ceremony
Milling of components in the workshop was also part of the work during Lilly Schönherr's internship.
Lilly Schönherr (m.) during the award ceremony by the "Arbeitskreis Schule Wirtschaft Osthessen".
Photo: D. Racano, GSI
Photo: J. Werner