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Delegation of the Hessian Parliament visits FAIR and GSI

Photo: L. Weitz, GSI

Visit of members of the Hessian Parliament



On Tuesday, 27 March 2018, a delegation of the CDU fraction of the Hessian Parliament visited the research center of FAIR and GSI. Participants in the event were Karin Wolff from the electoral district Darmstadt-Stadt II, Birgit Heitland from the district Bergstraße II, Andreas Hofmeister from the district Limburg-Weilburg II, as well as Dr. Ralf-Norbert Bartelt from the district Frankfurt III.

The FAIR and GSI management board informed the delegation in two introductory talks about the existing GSI accelerator facilities and research highlights as well as about the future international research center FAIR and the progress of the construction project. In a bus tour to the construction site the participants were able to take a look at the advancements: Current works include, among other things, the connection of the existing GSI facilities to the FAIR accelerator, the commissioning of two transformer stations for the energy supply of both facilities, and the excavation works for the FAIR ring accelerator SIS100.

Furthermore, in a guided tour through the existing facility the delegation visited the experimental storage ring ESR, the tumor therapy with carbon ions and the large-scale detector HADES, which will become part of the CBM experiment for the investigation of compressed matter at FAIR.

Visit of members of the Hessian Parliament
Delegation of the Hessian Parliament in front of the experimental storage ring ESR. From left: Professor Paolo Giubellino (Scientific Managing Director of FAIR and GSI), Karin Wolff (member of the Hessian Parliament), Birgit Heitland (member of the Hessian Parliament), Andreas Hofmeister (member of the Hessian Parliament), Dr. Ralf-Norbert Bartelt (member of the Hessian Parliament), Jörg Blaurock (Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI).
Photo: L. Weitz, GSI