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Chinese Professorship for Peter Senger

Photo: CCNU

Award ceremony



Prof. Dr. Peter Senger was appointed Professor of Physics at the Central China Normal University in Wuhan. The letter of appointment was presented by the vice-president of CCNU, Prof. NanSheng Peng. Since 2015 Peter Senger is Co-Director of the FAIR Centre of International Collaboration (FCIC) at CCNU Wuhan, which aims at the coordination of FAIR related activities in China, the development and construction of modern detectors and read-out electronics for FAIR experiments, the organization of workshops and seminars on FAIR topics, and the support of young scientists who participate in FAIR experiments. The FCIC has a budget of 8 million Euro over 8 years, part of which is used to build high-rate time-of-flight detectors for the CBM experiment.

Award ceremony
Prof. NanSheng Peng (left) and Prof. Peter Senger.
Photo: CCNU