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09.05.2017 | Almost 11 000 visitors at Open House of GSI and FAIR


Visitors received an opportunity to be researchers and discoverers for a day on Sunday, May 7, at the Open House event of the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the future FAIR accelerator center. Finally GSI and FAIR had a positive assessment of the event. Almost 11 000 visitors came to the campus in Darmstadt to view the research stations, laboratories, and experimental setups. GSI and FAIR had opened their doors to guests for eight hours, and thousands of curious visitors, including many families, took advantage of this very well organized event to take a look behind the scenes of one of the leading particle accelerator centers for fundamental research in physics.

The visitors were treated to an extremely varied program. At more than 30 stations and in the course of five different tours, they were able to conduct hands-on experiments and gain insights into the research using ion beams that is being done at the center. Visitors of all ages were enthusiastic about the center’s world-leading research and the exciting scientific stations, which ranged from a stand demonstrating the ion-beam cancer therapy that was developed in Darmstadt to a 120-meter-long linear accelerator to the FAIR Forum with information about the new particle accelerator center or the impressively staged large-scale detector Hades.

The motto of the Open House was “The Universe in the Laboratory.” The employees at GSI and FAIR had made special preparations to the research operation so that visitors could gain an understanding of as many topics as possible. More than 400 volunteers were on hand during the Open House. They made sure the guests had an interesting and informative day, tirelessly answered their questions, and helped the guests to explore the GSI complex. Also for the physical well-being was well taken care.

The members of the GSI and FAIR management team were also exceptionally satisfied with the event. Ursula Weyrich, the Administrative Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, said, “We are excited about the visitor’s overwhelming interest in our work. The day has shown that research consists not only of fascinating technology, but also lives on dedicated and inspired employees.“ Professor Paolo Giubellino, the Scientific Managing Director of GSI, added, “We succeeded in raising excitement and curiosity for science. We are glad that so many young people came. Science needs interested junior researchers and many clever minds employing their talents for research.” Jörg Blaurock, the Technical Managing Director of GSI and FAIR, also judged the event to be a great success. “Our Open House highlights the fascination carried by research. We were able to demonstrate in a direct dialogue what our world-wide unique FAIR project ecompasses, which guarantees a promising future trend for the location Darmstadt.”

Jochen Partsch, the Mayor of Darmstadt, a “City of Science,” also came to the Open House and officially opened the event together with the management team of GSI and FAIR. Partsch said, "I am extremly pleased that GSI has opened its doors to the citizens of Darmstadt in the anniversary year ,20 years City of Science‘. It was a unique opportunity to get to know cutting edge research right in front of the doorstep. The fact that so many people have used this opportunity shows how deeply connected the inhabitants of Darmstadt are with the City of Science and how exciting it is for them to ‚explore‘ the GSI on their own. We live in a city which ist eponym of a chemical element discovered at GSI. Here, breakthroughs in cancer therapy have been achieved and with the FAIR project a new particle accelerator is currently being built which will set a new standard worldwide. Therefore, excellent research does not take place anywhere in the ivory tower but can rather be experienced by everyone thanks to an open house day. Furthermore you should not forget, that in addition to new knowledge, research also creates important jobs and shapes the life in our city. "

More pictures of the Open House

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Fascinating science at Open House
Opening with the management team of GSI and FAIR and the Mayor of Darmstadt
Big rush on the campus of GSI and FAIR
Explaining science for everyone
Journeys of discovery into the world of science
Unique insights and a lot of information was offered to the visitors all around the campus, e.g. at the HADES detector.
The GSI and FAIR managament opened the Open House together with the Mayor of Darmstadt. From left: Professor Dr. Paolo Giubellino, Scientific Managing Director, Jochen Partsch, Mayor of Darmstadt, Ursula Weyrich, Administrative Managing Director, Jörg Blaurock, Technical Managing Director.
Almost 11 000 people visited GSI and FAIR.
The employees of GSI and FAIR specially prepared the scientific facilities to give an insight into as many topics as possible, e.g. at the SHIP experiment, the place of birth of the element Darmstadtium.
The Universe in the Lab was the motto of the Open House. More than 30 stations offered the opportunity for first-hand experiences, like here at the linear accelerator UNILAC.
Photo: C. Grau for GSI
Photo: C. Grau for GSI
Photo: G. Otto, GSI
Photo: C. Grau for GSI
Photo: C. Grau for GSI