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Call for proposals for beam time in 2018/19 – Begin of FAIR-Phase-0

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FAIR facility



As of now and until May 31, 2017, it is possible to apply for beam time for the years 2018/19 at the GSI and FAIR facilities. This marks the start for the so-called "FAIR-Phase-0", the beginning of the FAIR experimental program. Apart from the GSI accelerators UNILAC, SIS18 and ESR and the existing experiments, also parts of the FAIR instrumentation can be used, e.g. the storage ring CRYRING.

Since during this period also major construction work for FAIR is going on, operation will be limited to approximately three month per year. In total about 600 8-hour-shifts at the UNILAC, 400 at the SIS18 and 170 at ESR and CRYRING are available in the coming two years. Additional running of CRYRING stand-alone is envisioned. For experiments at the PHELIX laser 170 shifts are available.

Proposals are to be submitted via web forms, further information can be found on the website of the Program Advisory Committee (G-PAC) at www.gsi.de/g-pac. Deadline for the proposal submission is May 31, 2017. Proposals will be presented to the G-PAC or the responsible sub-committee in short oral presentations of the spokespersons or research field representatives in a meeting at GSI in summer. After evaluations by the review committee beam time will be granted by the directorate.

FAIR facility
Graphics of the existing GSI facility and the future FAIR facility.
Graphics: ion42