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Alexander Lorz, the Hessian Minister of Education, visits GSI and FAIR

Foto: C. Pomplun, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung

The Minister of Education, Alexander Lorz, during the visit



The Hessian Minister of Education, Professor Alexander Lorz, visited the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung and the future accelerator center FAIR (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe) in Darmstadt on Monday during the “Weeks of Science and Research” organized by the government of the German state of Hesse. During his visit, he gathered information about the current research projects at the existing GSI facilities and the status of planning for the FAIR project and the unique experimentation possibilities it will offer.

In a guided tour and a talk with the management, the Minister gained an insight into the latest developments at GSI and FAIR. The process of realizing the FAIR accelerator center is gaining speed: FAIR and GSI will soon begin the process of awarding construction contracts — for example, for the tunnel of the approximately 1.1-kilometer-long subterranean ring accelerator, as well as other buildings and infrastructure.

Minister Lorz indicated his strong interest in the progress of the FAIR project, which is one of the world’s biggest projects for cutting-edge research. The German state of Hesse is one of the shareholders of GSI, and it is also playing a major role in the financing of FAIR. The state of Hesse is also supporting the participation of Hessian universities in the research and technology development for FAIR through programs such as the LOEWE Excellence Initiative.

During several theme-based weeks, the state government of Hesse is currently presenting a number of key projects. Members of the state cabinet will be visiting projects in the areas of security, education, and science until mid-December. The visits began in mid-October with the theme complex in the area of security, followed by education. The program is currently focusing on the area of science. In order to emphasize the special significance of the fields of science and research for Hesse, the ministers are visiting selected universities and research institutes during the theme weeks in order to gather information about their activities. One of the stops in this round of visits was GSI/FAIR

About FAIR

FAIR will be one of the largest and most complex accelerator facilities in the world. The centerpiece of the facility is a ring accelerator with a circumference of 1,100 meters. Engineers and scientists are working in international partnership to advance new technological developments in a number of areas, such as information technology and superconductor technology. Around 3,000 scientists from all over the world will be able to conduct top-level research at FAIR. Their outstanding experiments will generate new fundamental insights into the structure of matter and the evolution of the universe. Alongside Germany, the partner countries of FAIR GmbH are Finland, France, India, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, and Slovenia. The United Kingdom is an associated partner.

Further Informations

Press release of the Hessian Ministy of Education (in German)

The Minister of Education, Alexander Lorz, during the visit
In front of the ion storage ring CRYRING, a Swedish in-kind contribution to FAIR, Jörg Blaurock (l.), Technical Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, and Professor Karlheinz Langanke (r.), Scientific Managing Director GSI, informed the Hessian Minister of Education, Professor Alexander Lorz, about the status of planning for the FAIR project.
Foto: C. Pomplun, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung