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Sustainable research: Chamber of Industry and Commerce Darmstadt visits FAIR and GSI for CSR-Breakfast

Photo: IHK Darmstadt

During the tour



Approximately 50 participants visited FAIR and GSI on Tuesday, 12th September 2016, for the so called CSR-Breakfast of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) Darmstadt. After a welcoming by Martina Winkelmann of the IHK Darmstadt, Ina Biehl-von Richthofen of rfw.kommunikation and Ursula Weyrich, the Administrative Managing Director of FAIR and GSI, the participants were given a talk on sustainability in research by GSI press officer Ingo Peter.

In the following tour the guests visited the existing GSI facilities as well as the FAIR construction site. Among other things they saw the medical treatment facility that was used to develop a novel method for tumour therapy with carbon ions — an expample for social responsibility within research. Another destination was the high-performance computing centre Green IT Cube, inaugurated this year, that excels by having an especially sustainable construction concept: an energy-efficient water cooling of the computing systems and a space- and cost-saving form of construction. Additionally the waste heat of the computing centre is used to heat a new office building.

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility, an entrepreneurship balancing economic, ecologic and social goals. CSR is a value-based management focussing on fair competition, regard of natural resources, a visible social partnership and a high commitment to the region of living and working. CSR also has a positive impact on the image and thus on the economic situation of a company. With the event series "CSR-Breakfast" the IHK Darmstadt wants to offer its members an opportunity to learn about best practice examples and to encourage exchange about the topic.

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During the tour
The GSI experimental storage ring was also one of the destinations the participants of the "CSR-Breakfast" visited during the tour.
Photo: IHK Darmstadt