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„I want to study astrophysics!“—GSI and FAIR inspire during Girls’Day

Photo: K. Ruppert-Röhsler, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung

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29 girls visited GSI and FAIR on 28 April 2016 to participate in the Girls’Day. They took advantage of the future career day for girls to discover jobs at a scientific institute that are usually performed by men. In the scientific laboratories and workshops of eleven departments the girls tried soldering, programming and the production of targets.

The Girls’Day started with a guided tour through the facility for the participants that raised many questions: Why can’t the particles in the accelerator reach the speed of light? Do results differ when particles hit each other with 90% or 99% of the speed of light? And from which elements was Darmstadtium produced?

Afterwards the girls were divided into small groups and explored the workshops, technology laboratories and scientific departments. The girls from grades five to nine were able to build small detectors, work with metals on milling and turning machines, or use a 3D printer. Highlight was self-made ice cream produced with liquid nitrogen.

In the large group the participants presented their results and raised a cheer. Also for GSI and FAIR the Girls’Day was a great success, as one of the girls was already certain: “I definitely want to study astrophysics. Or something else with physics.”

Group picture
The participants of the Girls'Day 2016 at GSI and FAIR.
Photo: K. Ruppert-Röhsler, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung