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Professor Horst Stöcker awarded with honorary doctorate of Joint Institute of Nuclear Research

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Honorary doctorate for Horst Stöcker



GSI scientist professor Horst Stöcker was awarded with a honorary doctorate of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna, Russia. He received the honour for his “outstanding contribution to the advancement of science and education of young scientists”. The bestowal by professor Victor Matveev, Director of JINR, took place in the context of the meeting of the Scientific Council of JINR, of which Horst Stöcker is a member since many years.

Horst Stöcker is a leading scientist in the GSI research department “Theory” and Judah M. Eisenberg Professor Laureatus at the Goethe University Frankfurt, as well as Senior Fellow of the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies (FIAS). He was GSI’s Scientific Director from 2007 to 2015, and vice president of the Helmholtz Association twice. Stöcker holds a honorary doctorate also from the University of Bucharest, Romania, and from the Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow.

Already in his diploma thesis more than 40 years ago Stöcker analysed some of the first data from JINR’s accelerator Synchrophasotron, the first relativistic heavy-ion accelerator. In the following years he contributed scientifically to the understanding of the dynamics of hadron and heavy ion collisions as well as to the underlying phase structure of quantum chromo dynamics at the NICA collider currently under construction at JINR and to the complementary high-energy colliders RHIC, USA, and LHC, Switzerland. Stöcker’s focus was also on the differentiation to the future FAIR accelerator complex. FAIR’s worldwide unique features will be high beam intensities and qualities of heavy ions, antiprotons, strange matter and isotopes unknown so far.

Further awardees of the JINR honorary doctorate were professor Jemal Khubua, professor at the University of Tbilsi, Georgia, and professor Yuri Oganessian, discoverer of elements and head of the Flerov Laboratory for Nuclear Reactions at JINR.

JINR is an international centre for research concerning the basics and applications of nuclear physics, having its 60th anniversary this year. It was founded as a counterpart to the research centre CERN in Switzerland approximately at the same time.

Honorary doctorate for Horst Stöcker
Professor Horst Stöcker with his honorary doctorate of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.
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