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Extraordinary interest in special talk by Bengt Friman about gravitational waves

Photo: GSI

Prof. Bengt Friman

Photo: GSI

Full lecture hall



The talk on gravitational waves by professor Bengt Friman, head of the GSI research department "Theory", received extraordinary interest. More than 300 guests and employees visited his excellent talk on February 18, where he vividly explained the properties and the observation of gravitational waves, and illustrated the relation to the astrophysical research at the accelerator facilities at GSI and FAIR. The talk was announced on short notice in the public lecture series "Wissenschaft für Alle” at GSI and FAIR, followingthe report on the direct observation of gravitational waves in the USA one week earlier.

In his talk "Gravitationswellen – Kräuselungen der Raumzeit", delivered in German, Bengt Friman reported on the direct observation of gravitational waves by the LIGO collaboration in the USA. He described the basic principles behind the generation of the waves, which were predicted by Albert Einstein already 100 years ago. Subsequently, he described possible observational methods as well as the earlier indirect detection of gravitational waves in a binary pulsar system. The current gravitational-wave event emanated from a collision of two black holes. Other sources of gravitational waves that may be detected with terrestrial interferometers are fast rotating neutron stars, supernovae as well as binary systems of neutron stars. Finally, Bengt Friman presented the current observation of the LIGO collaboration in comparison with simulations and gave an outlook on research at the accelerator facilties at GSI and, in the future, at FAIR, where the production of matter similar to that in the interior of neutron stars will be possible.

Prof. Bengt Friman
Full lecture hall
Professor Bengt Friman at his talk.
Approximately 300 guests listened to Bengt Friman's talk.
Photo: GSI
Photo: GSI