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Award for Denis Nordmann

Foto: K. Schmidt, THM

The two awardees



For his diploma thesis Denis Nordmann, student at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen, received the first award for outstanding theses of the association for the promotion of foundry and material engineering. The award is bestowed with 1,000 Euro. It was handed over in December 2016 in the context of the Barbara meeting at the TH Mittelhessen in Friedberg by Professor Klaus Behler, the chairman of the association. Nordmann's work was conducted in cooperation with the GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung. One criterion for the award was the implementation of technical knowledge gained in the studies into a technical application of physics.

Inside the GSI and future FAIR accelerators prevails a very high vacuum to ensure that the accelerated particles don't collide with remaining gas particles and get lost. To gain such ultra-high vacua in accelerator facilities the scientists use, amongst other things, gas resorbing materials, so called non-evaporable getters (NEG). The inner walls of the vacuum chambers are coated with special materials that resorb gases on their surface and so "pump" them. In his diploma thesis Nordmann produced a NEG surface from titanium, zirkonium an vanadium. He analysed the quality of the surface with spectroscopic methods and characterised the pumping behaviour for different gases like hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon monoxide. The results help with the application of NEG surfaces in the FAIR project.

Jannette Hofmann received the second award bestowed with 500 Euro. She developed a precise interferometric position measurement for microscopy. Her work in cooperation with Leica Microsystems resulted in a patent application.

The two awardees
Denis Nordmann (r.) received the first award of the association for the promotion of foundry and materials engineering. Jannette Hofmann received the second award.
Foto: K. Schmidt, THM