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ALICE collaboration week at GSI



From June 22 to 26 GSI hosted the "ALICE Week" during which about 200 scientists from all over the world discussed recent results from the ALICE experiment, one of the four large experiments at CERN's Large Hadron Collider in Geneva. With ALICE the scientists study collisions of lead nuclei at the highest energies available in the laboratory. In their experiment the scientists investigate a phase of matter, called quark-gluon plasma, which, to our current knowledge, existed in the universe just after the Big Bang. GSI has contributed significantly to the construction of the ALICE detectors and is part of the world-wide computing grid that is required to cope with the massive amount of data generated with ALICE. Scientists at GSI participate in the analysis of the current data and contribute to the consolidation and upgrade of the detectors in preparation for future runs with ALICE at the LHC.


Photo: Gaby Otto / Ilya Selyuzhenkov