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Helmholtz-Professor Award for Hans Geissel



GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH awards Hans Geissel a Helmholtz professorship for his outstanding achievements in the field of the discovery and investigation of new nuclides. With this professorship GSI will secure the expertise of the scientist even after his retirement. The physicist is intending to use the associated resources to gain new insights into the atomic and nuclear interaction. Precision experiments with innovative spectrometer and cooled and short-lived nuclides play an important role.

With 272 discovered new nuclides Hans Geissel is the current world record holder in this field. He is professor at the University of Giessen and he also is leading the research conducted at the GSI fragment separator, which was used to measure most of the newly discovered nuclides. Together with his group he designed a new fragment separator (Super-FRS) for the new accelerator facility FAIR.

Professoer Dr. Hans Geissel
Professoer Dr. Hans Geissel
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