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The Helmholtz Virtual Institute "Nuclear Astrophysics Virtual Institute (NAVI)" will continue to receive financial support by the Initiative and Networking Fund of the Helmholtz Association. This was the result of a very positive evaluation by a committee of reviewers in August 2014. Thus NAVI will have access to the full sum of three million euro guaranteed by the funding contract from 2011, the founding year of the institute.

Apart from GSI 13 partners from Germany, France, Switzerland and the USA collaborate in NAVI. NAVI establishes a synergetic and close co-operation between experimental and theoretical nuclear physics, astrophysics and astronomy. The goal is to answer fundamental questions of nuclear astrophysics like the hydrostatical burning in stars and the synthesis of superheavy elements in the universe via the r-process. At the experimental sites of the partners the scientists are able to do research on the properties of the nuclei involved in the r-process.

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