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GSI Football Cup 2014



On Saturday, August 23, 2014 the GSI Football Cup took place at Merck’s field. Despite not perfect and sometimes rainy weather, eight teams participated including the GSI Summer Students team (SST) and some mixed teams with members from GSI and the universities of Frankfurt and Darmstadt. The tournament was organized by Dr. Vitaliy Gostishchev in cooperation with GSI sports association "Schnelle Ionen e. V.". The Merck company provided their football field for the event.

The matches were played in two half-times of ten minutes duration. Seven players per team including the goalkeeper participated in each match. Each team had to have one woman permanently on the field. In total five matches were played by every team during the tournament.

The winners were the "Heavy Lions" in front of the "Fiery Rings" on second and the "Unified Field Heroes" on third places. The Summer Students achieved the fourth place. Stephan Kipp of the "Heavy Lions" was chosen as the best goalkeeper of GSI Football Cup 2014.

Proud winning team "Heavy Lions"
Foto: private