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Beam Time Diary



Where do all the research results we regularly publish come from? How exactly does science work at an accelerator facility? This is what we want to find out within the next weeks. We will report in our Beam Time Diary.

Beam time – this is what the experimenting time with the ion beam from the particle accelerator is called. Beam time for scientists often means: spending days and nights at the experimental site, working in the laboratoy being pressed for time and crossing fingers to make sure the measuring instruments and the ion beam run perfectly. But there are also times of big delight when the experiment was successful, there is eating pizza together and seeing colleagues again who come from all over the world for an experiment. Employees of the public relations departement will accompany the teams from biophysics, materials science or nuclear physics during beam time and report in a diary.

The articles and photos will be published on the GSI blog „Beam On“, which is online since July 21, 2014. The blog is supposed to allow a glance behind the scenes of GSI research for externals. Beam On is hosted on the Helmholtz Association's blog and provides subscription by RSS feed. A blog is an ongoing collection of articles in chronolgical order. Comments and questions are welcome.

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We accompany our scientists during their experiments and report on the beam time diary.
Photo: Lena Weitz/GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH