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Winners of GSI photo contest



The winners of the first GSI photography contests were announced and awarded with small prizes on Wednesday, July 15, 2014. 48 photos were submitted to the internal contest by GSI and FAIR employees. „A real success“, says Rainer Haseitl, the organiser.

At the beginning of June Haseitl, who works at the GSI department Beam diagnostics and is a comitted photographer in his free time, called GSI and FAIR employees to submit photos for an internal contest. Only condition: The photo had to be self-made and taken on the GSI or FAIR site.

After a two week exhibition of all photos, the audience award and the places 1 to 3 were announced:

  1. Michael Witthaus with his „Arrow Particle Accelerator“
  2. Sabrina Appel with the „Thyratron“
  3. Bettina Lommel, Annett Hübner & Jutta Steiner: „With us you can do it“

The audience chose the picture of Rainer Haseitl, „The silence before
the lethargy“ for the audience award.

The jury categorized the pictures into nature & landscape, technics & science and creativity & humour. „There will be a photography contest in 2015“, Haseitl says. „The details will be published in time.“

Die Preisträger
1st place "Arrow Particle Accelerator"
2nd place "Thyratron"
3rd place "With us you can do it"
Audience award "The silence before the lethargy"
from left: Michael Witthaus, Sabrina Appel, Annett Hübner, Jutta Steiner, Bettina Lommel; in the front: Rainer Haseitl
Arrow Particle Accelerator, Michael Witthaus, Casio EX-F1, 1/640 s, f/16, ISO 800, 81mm Platz neben der Tischtennishalle, 02.10.2013
Thyratron, Sabrina Appel, Nikon D5100, 1/20s, f/8.0, 34 mm High voltage power switch
With us you can do it, Annett Hübner, Bettina Lommel, Jutta Steiner
The silence before the lethargy, Rainer Haseitl, Nikon D5100 / Sigma 10-20mm f/4.0-5.6 75 s, f/10, ISO 100, 10mm, 20.02.2014
Photo: Gaby Otto/GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung GmbH
Photo: Michael Witthaus
Photo: Sabrina Appel
Photo: Bettina Lommel
Photo: Rainer Haseitl