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The new accelerator facility FAIR is under construction at GSI. Learn more.


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Accelerated particles at the Heinerfest



On Sunday, July 6, GSI and FAIR present themselves at the Darmstadt Heinerfest. On the exhibition stand in the congress center "darmstadtium" from 2 to 4 p.m. visitors will get the latest scientific news on GSI research and information on plans and construction progress of the new accelerator facility FAIR, which will be connected to the existing GSI accelerators. 

For young and grown-up visitors we offer experiments to take part in: Learn how scientists produce new chemical elements with a particle accelerator by using an interactive model. Trained employees - amongst them "committing Heiner" Sigurd Hofmann, who was one of the discoverers of element 110, Darmstadtium - will answer questions around GSI and FAIR.

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GSI and FAIR will be at Heinerfest on Sunday, July 6.
Picture: Helmut Lortz / Heimatverein Darmstädter Heiner e. V.