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Dr. Fabio Farinon and Dr. Robert Wolf win GENCO Award for young scientists 2014



On March 6, 2014, the GENCO Award ceremony took place at GSI in the framework of the NUSTAR annual conference. Dr. Fabio Farinon and Dr. Robert Wolf recieved the GENCO Award for their work. The price comprises an award certificate and a prize money of 250 Euro and was handed over by GENCO president Professor Gottfried Münzenberg.

Dr. Fabio Farinon was awarded for the discovery of 60 neutron-rich nuclei and new lifetime measurements of alpha emitters in neutral and hydrogen like state. The measurements took place at the fragment separator at GSI in combination with the storage ring ESR. To investigate interesting exotic nuclei they have to first be created in a reaction. By suitable separation procedures they are first parted from the primary beam and the background of unwanted reaction products and then identified. In his PhD thesis Farinon has contributed new and valuable work with his isomer tagger. This setup allows identification of the rarest of nuclei. Apart from the detection of the nuclei also production cross sections were measured and thus a new area of research for these nuclei with astrophysical relevance close to the r-process has opened.

Dr. Robert Wolf conducted first mass measurements of short-lived exotic nuclei with a multi reflexion time-of-flight mass spectrometer (MR-ToF-MS) at the separator ISOLDE at CERN and found new information about nuclear structure in calcium and zinc nuclides. The results lead a path to improve the precision of predictions of theoretical models in this area. The MR-ToF-MS is a multi-purpose setup, that Wolf used successfully for the seperation of isobars for the attached Penning trap system ISOLTRAP, thus meeting the requirements for the new measurements. As the measurement times of the MR-ToF-MS are in the area of milliseconds it allowed the mass determination of very short-lived nuclei that can't be measured with the Penning setup. The exact mass measurement of 82Zn ions gives insight into the composition of neutron stars, especially the element distribution in the outer shells.

GENCO president Professor Gottfried Münzenberg (GSI) and Professor Juha Äystö (Helsinki Institute of Physics) chaired the event that started with a talk by speaker Professor Ryugo Hayano (University of Tokyo) about the pioneering experiments with exotic atoms.

Traditionally during the event the circle of GENCO members was extended with the new members Professor Dr. R. Hayano und Professor Dr. A. Heinz.

Award ceremony Dr. Farinon
Award ceremony Dr. Wolf
From right to left: Professor Dr. R. Hayano, Dr. R. Wolf, Professor Dr. A. Heinz, Dr. F. Farinon and Professor Dr. G. Münzenberg.
Award ceremony by Professor Gottfried Münzenberg: Dr. Fabio Farinon (r.) currently works at NSCL of the Michigan State University in USA.
Award ceremony by Professor Gottfried Münzenberg: Dr. Robert Wolf (r.) currently works at MPI in Heidelberg.
Foto: C. Völker
Foto: C. Völker
Foto: C. Völker