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GSI's company-facilitated sports activities „Schnelle Ionen“ (Fast Ions) are now organized as a society. On Monday, May 6, 2013 the constitutive meeting took place at GSI, that 15 sportsmen and GSI's Scientific Director Professor Horst Stöcker attended. The charter was unanimously approved, the non-profit character has meanwhile been acknowledged by the fiscal authority of Darmstadt.

The membership fee is one Euro per month. With the money insurances and charges by the Betriebssportverband Hessen and the Deutschen Betriebssportverband (DBSV) will be paid. For GSI employees who become members the society will additionally receive four Euro per month as a prevention benefit for furthering the health of the employees. Donations to the society are welcome.

GSI's company-facilitated sports activities exist since 1974. Currently a variety of 15 differents sports is offered, e. g. table tennis, aikido or yoga. 170 people make use of the offer.

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