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Vladimir Fortov wins Global Energy Prize



The Global Energy Prize 2013 of the Russian Global Prize Non-Profit Partnership goes to scientists Vladimir Fortov. The award is endowed with 33 million roubles (approx. 800 000 Euro) and will be split with second award winner Akira Yoshino from Japan. The awarding ceremony took place in Moscow in April.

Fortov received the award for his pioneering work on the thermodynamic, thermophysical, electrophysical, and electronic properties of fluids and construction materials. He studies quasi-cristalline structures in plasma, experiments took place e. g. on the space station Mir and are continued on the International Space Station (ISS).

Fortov is the chairperson of GSI's advisory committee for the PHELIX laser system as well as Russian delegate of the FAIR council. He is an honorary doctor of the Goethe university in Frankfurt.