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In preparation for experiments planned for the future Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research (FAIR) researchers from GSI take part in an international collaboration for mass measurements of exotic nuclei at the storage ring CSRe in Lanzhou, China. In experiments in 2012 the measurement of 16 nuclei was completed which are of importance in astrophysics. Scientists from GSI were involved in the realisation and the analysis of the experiments.

The measured nuclei play a role in the synthesis of elements in stars. In double stars for example explosive events can happen, so called x-ray bursts. In the burst new elements are formed through the capture of free protons. The production paths are not fully understood yet. By measuring the chrome nuclide 45Cr with the storage ring in Lanzhou the scientists were able to show that there is no obstacle for a continuous nucleosynthesis in neutron-deficient nuclei from calcium to chrome. The experiments were published in Astrophysical Journal Letters.

The cooperation of GSI, the Helmholtz institute Jena and the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) in Lanzhou will in the future be enriched by the successful assignment of a Helmholtz-CAS Joint Research Group. Leading researchers are Dr. Yuri Litvinov (GSI), Professor Thomas Stöhlker (HI Jena) and Professor Xinwen Ma (IMP).

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The storage ring CSRe seen from above.
Here the nuclei were measured that play an important role e. g. in double star systems.
Photo: IMP, Lanzhou